Where is the Furnace Filter Located? An Expert's Guide

The furnace filter is typically located inside the blower compartment, where return air enters the blower compartment. Most units have built-in oven racks. The large metal compartment of the furnace contains a filter and a blower. Where is the location of the furnace air filter in my HVAC system? It is usually located behind a metal compartment door near the floor or side of the furnace.

In general, the furnace filter is situated inside the blower compartment. This may vary depending on the furnace installation. The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor can install an air cleaner box or cut a slot in the return air duct. There is a possibility that it is an oven or an air controller with filters on the center return grill.

You don't want to install it in both places. When changing filters in the furnace compartment, ALWAYS turn off the power at the main circuit breaker. The most common place to find your HVAC filter will be in the furnace (here's my guide to locating your filters). If the furnace filter is in the unit itself, you will find it near the air handler.

Start by determining what type of heating or cooling system unit you have. A furnace filter will prevent dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, and other allergens from entering your home's duct system. This type of furnace filter is usually made of pleated paper or fiberglass that fits in a permanent frame, however, you can also find them sometimes made of plastic. In addition, when return grilles have furnace filters, the vent cover must have a latch so that it can be easily opened to change the filter.

However, after a few weeks of collecting this debris, the buildup on the furnace filter will decrease airflow. If you don't see a filter yet, you may need to remove the furnace lid to access the filter. Check the MERV rating, or the minimum value of the efficiency report, and the filter size you need for your furnace. An electronic furnace filter will cause less damage to your heating system and remove dirt from the air up to ninety-nine percent more efficiently than most other models on the market.

If you're looking for a furnace filter that works less like a normal fiberglass model and more like an electronic model, you're in luck. You are looking for the air controller or the furnace itself, since the air filter is usually right next to them. The air filter inside the heating or cooling system depends on the type of furnace your home is equipped with. A clean furnace filter ensures that the unit can operate efficiently by allowing warm air to pass unhindered through the ventilation grilles.

Finally, people sometimes remove filters when they are not using the furnace during wintertime. Don't panic, because you can call your furnace supplier or an HVAC professional to find out what type of filter you need for your unit. Before removing the furnace cover, it's a good idea to turn off the power using either an emergency switch on your utility closet or turning it off on your thermostat. Combi oven filters are also very popular with homeowners today because they offer an affordable option for removing dust particles in your home heating system.

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