Does Furnace Filter Brand Really Matter?

When it comes to furnace filters, the size is the most important factor. As long as you buy the same size filter, it doesn't matter what brand you use. The important thing is the filter rating. For example, replacement Honeywell oven filters can be purchased through several filter manufacturers.

They are manufactured to the same specifications as the brand name filter. Simply choose a filter size and a MERV rating that meets your needs. If you want to go further, buy 3 different types of filters and take readings with each of them at once in the filter slot. Also consider having a layer of dirt on them.

If a clean filter is close to being out of the parameters, chances are that if it is dirty it will go out of specification. The Aerostar manufacturer recommends changing this filter every two to three months in autumn and spring, and once a month during intensive oven use, such as in winter. But it can have a big impact on even small things, and finding the right oven filter can save money and improve air quality. Some washable filters aren't much better, but high-end permanent filters can compete with the very common disposable pleated filters, which are available in a range, even reaching MERV 12 or higher.

For the best air quality, use this filter in conjunction with other allergen reduction measures, such as a vacuum with a HEPA filter and an air purifier to keep airborne allergens at bay. Thicker filters are denser and block more dust and particles, but they can also make the oven work harder to draw in air. Permanent options have a removable, machine-washable oven filter that you can reuse for six to eight years. Many manufacturers market their filters so that you believe that a filter is designed for your respiratory health, helping with dust mites and allergens. However, you can order filters online and in bulk, which can save you money and the hassle of having to go to the store every time you need a filter. While many picks are unable to filter smoke and bacteria, most of these options come in various sizes and thicknesses to be compatible with your oven.

It turned out that switching to a really cheap oven filter that allowed better airflow was the solution. You should replace the filter along with the change of season, as regular maintenance ensures that the filter is not clogged with dust, pet hair, and other airborne particles, which can reduce oven efficiency. In conclusion, when it comes to furnace filters, size is key. As long as you buy the same size filter regardless of brand, you should be good to go. However, if you want to get more out of your furnace filter purchase, consider buying 3 different types of filters and taking readings with each of them at once in the filter slot.

Additionally, look for permanent options that have a removable machine-washable oven filter that you can reuse for six to eight years.

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