Are Furnace and AC Filters the Same?

When it comes to air conditioning and heating, many people mistakenly think that different filters are needed for each piece of equipment. However, this is not the case. In fact, the same filter is used for both your oven and air conditioning system. Generally, these filters have a thickness of 1 inch, but some may be thicker to handle more buildup and trap more particles.

Thicker filters can restrict airflow, though, so it's important to be aware of this when making your selection. It's essential to change your air filter regularly to keep your oven and air conditioner running efficiently. Dirty ovens and air conditioners have to work harder to get the job done, consuming more energy and potentially damaging parts such as heating coils or igniter. If you have separate heating and cooling systems, you may need different filters for your boiler and air conditioner.

Air filters, also known as furnace filters, are necessary components that not only keep the air in your home clean but also help extend the life of your oven. Disposable filters cannot be washed and must be discarded after use. Knowing the sizes of air conditioning and oven filters is important to ensure you find the perfect size for your home. Whole-house air filters should be kept clean so that they can provide you with the freshest possible air without problems during the winter months.

Choosing the best oven filter to replace your old one can be a bit tricky. After working with domestic heating and cooling systems for more than a century, we have seen that many ovens suffer from common filter errors. Most large retail and home improvement stores carry oven filters if it's time to change yours. Filters are important parts of the oven and air conditioner, helping to keep the rest of the system clean.

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